Sunday, 23 December 2012

iBid2Save - Penny Auction Review & Tips

A brief review of one of the elite Penny Auction sites!! This site makes earning free bids easier than anywhere else on the web, and seperates itself from other sites with generous rewards, great items and simple registration...No Gimmicks to earn your 25 free bids, just SIGN Up Today!!!

iBid2Save Auction Review

I’ve reviewed my share of Penny Auctions, and I have never seen promos like  Within seconds, and I do literally mean seconds, my account was activated and credited with 25 bids, just for signing up.  My first bid pack purchase of 30 bids brought me up to 125 courtesy bids, 155 total.  All those bids, and all I had done was sign-up!  It took less than one minute to be registered and ready to go with 155 bids to use on the selection of gift cards, LCD TVs, Xbox 360 consoles and accessories, discount jewelry and much, much more. has taken the idea of penny auctions and refined it, standing out among its competitors, well ahead of the curve and the expectations.

SEE HOW iBid2Save Really Works

Earn Free iBid2Save Bids
Not only can you buy bids, but the rewards programs with makes bidding even simpler and less expensive.  By referring friends, completing surveys, or simply browsing through their links page for services you’d buy, and use, you have the chance to have free promo bids linked directly into your account.  How about 11 bids for a 30 second survey?  Or you could earn 9 bids for playing a free online RPG?  Maybe you’d rather have the chance to win $500 for sharing your thoughts on Angry Birds?  I have never seen referral system as rewarding as this, and makes the Penny Auction world even less expensive, offering up the absolute best in freeiBid2Save promo bids, iBid2Save coupon codes and iBid2Save friend referrals.
Great Prices on Jewelry and gift cards, Big Savings on Electronics
The jewelry section offers up sapphires, platinum bands, Italian imported gold and jewelry, pearl and silver jewelry sets, Walmart Gift Cards…well a huge selection of gift cards…and much more!!  The selection offered up here is just amazing, and it only seems to be getting bigger.  There is something for everyone here, tons of items for some rock-bottom prices.  We expect great deals from our Penny Auctions, but is at the top of the game for some of the products you want the most.  How about a $200 Walmart gift card, PLUS 500 promo bids…for .05?  The saving here really are obscene, and given the referral and reward system for promo bids and free bids for users, you may never have to actually spend a dime o win your electronics, gift cards or jewelry.
Save big at
I would never call Penny Auction sites a “can’t miss opportunity” but if you’re here at, chances are you already know a thing or two about the online bidding world and want to either continue your success or get started with the fun, savings and thrill of online Penny Auctions.  I truly can’t recommend a better site than  Take the 5 seconds of your day it takes to register, and start with your FREE 25 Promo bids…it’s that easy, and if you want to save big on great merchandise, you owe yourself a trip to!!!